Fine Motor: Color tape Pull

Fine Motor
color tape pull
Fine Motor skills are strengthened through different techniques. One that is rarely utilized is pinching with pulling. Pinching itself is a pretty common technique but with the addition of resistance and pulling it brings it to a whole new level of functionality.
This is one of the simplest projects to set up. Almost all kids absolutely love this project. If you have a child who is exceptionally sensitive to stickiness they might not be a fan. I would still set this up and see if you can coax them into trying this out.
Materials Needed:
Colored masking tape
a tray or just place the tape directly on a table
a place to put the tape once it has been pulled off we used a plastic container lid we have used small paper plates as well


When this project is all done the scrunched up tape on the plate is its own art we usually hang them up on a bulletin board.

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