Colored Ice- Muffin Tin

It has been EXTREMELY hot here the last few days. So we decided to make some colored ice for the water table. Unfortunately I am all out of balloons. And lets face it ice cubes melt so fast especially when it is this hot so instead we made…

Ice in our muffin tins! It worked out great and I will definitely be using our muffin tins for ice play from now on. I love it because it makes ice that is larger than an ice cube. The trays are reusable, and if you stack them right they are stackable in your freezer.

I set different kinds of eye droppers in the sensory table as well

I love these colorful little ice blocks it took them a bit longer to melt than an ice cube, but it is extremely hot so they did melt pretty fast

I let the kids use salt to to help the ice melt away

Kaia used a melon-baller to apply salt to her ice blocks

This kept the kids busy and cool for a while.

The ice blocks were easy to make

Materials Needed:
muffin/ cupcake tin
food coloring or liquid watercolors

I put just a few drops of food coloring in each tin and then added water and stuck them in my freezer. It was that easy!


  1. Hi, thanks for this post. Can you tell me where you got this table? Im looking for something like this. Thanks!

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