Crayon Melt…

So I was planning on making a post with all the wonderful melted crayon things you can do or at least all the wonderful things I have done in the past. But I am a little to excited about the project we did today so here is a little taste of what is to come.

Here is the Hair Dryer Crayon Melt-

Materials Needed:
Stretched canvas (Big Lots sells them way cheaper then anywhere else I have found)
Glue Gun
Hair Dryer
Painters tape (optional)

1. Use the glue gun to secure the crayons to the top of your canvas (I used a 16X20″ canvas for the name pictures and I am not sure what the smaller one was) if doing the optional tape add now AFTER you have glued the crayons. You can make letters, shapes, lines etc. make sure to press firmly.
2. Use the hair dryer on the HOT setting (warm didn’t work) and heat one section at a time. I broke ours up into quadrants to make it a bit easier. It is best also if you direct the heat to the middle of the crayon not the top or bottom.
3. If you decided to use tape and you are all done with your picture *make sure to pull the tape off BEFORE the crayons dry* let it cool for about a minute and then start pealing. If there is to much resistance or build up take the hair dryer and go over the area again to loosen everything up.
4. You are done enjoy your beautiful painting.

This was our first attempt
You can see the crayons beginning to melt. Do you see how the crayon melt is kind of splattering everywhere. It works best if you direct the dryer tothe center of the crayon to keep smooth melted lines

Well I loved the first one so much I decided to go a bit further and do the kids names. I used standard painters tape. I did not measure or anything I just eye balled it. I was not going for perfection
You can see it turned out awesome!

Mikey’s was pretty cool too

What I learned:
1. Direct the heat to the center of the crayon.
2. New crayons seemed to melt much faster then my old crayons…not sure why something to think about though.
3. If you are doing a name, shape etc. with tape press down firmly so that the crayon doesn’t get under the tape.
4. If you are doing letters you will need to make sure the crayon goes around the letters completely before getting the cool build up. The crayon for some reason was not getting to all the edges of the letters no matter how hard we tried to direct it. So to help it along I took an extra crayon in one hand and the hair dryer in the the other hand and melted the crayon around the letters to create an outline once the outline was there the dripping crayons up top started going in the right direction.

Variation: Don’t glue down the crayons instead peel the crayon place it on your canvas (use something to hold it down ex. old spoon, something weighted and heat safe) use the dryer to melt the crayon this works best with smaller pieces of crayon.

Here are some links to others who have done this fun experiment:
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Please leave a comment with a link if you have done this project as well I would love to see!


  1. Ooooh, I love this. I’ve seen it done before but your tips were great. Big Lots, I never thought to look there for canvas. Pinning it. Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Kids Co-Op.

  2. Grace Mlynowski says:

    Loved this. I saw one for sale at a thrift shop but it was way too small. I sent this to my daughter as an idea since she needs some wall art in her new home. I got so frustrated with pinterest as it is so hard to find the instructions for anything. So thanks for the tips.

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