Fine Motor: Crazy Straws and Foam Shapes

Crazy straws and foam pieces
Materials Needed:
Crazy Straws ( I buy at the Dollar Store)
Foam Pieces ( I buy at the Dollar store)
Directions: This is where it is fun, What theme are you working on? Creatures that live in our Oceans? Healthy Bodies and good Nutrition, or Shapes, Colors, and Sizes? It doesn’t matter the theme you can find some foam pieces to coincide with it and if you can’t find them, make them!
It really is limitless you can tie this great fine motor activity in with any theme or have them create their own shapes and theme to start working on.
All you need to do is either cut a slit or punch a hole in the foam shapes. This activity couldn’t be easier to set up place the crazy straws and foam shapes on a table and go.





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