Cutesie Blog Designs Review

Notice anything different? I know if you have been reading my blog for awhile you have seen it go through at least one change. If you have been reading it from the beginning then you have seen it go through SIX major changes. Yes that’s right. You see I am actually pretty new to the whole HTML and blog thing. Everything that has been going on with my blog has been all me until now.

You see I wanted a change…Again. I have been on the search for the perfect blog design. I have finally come to the realization that I just couldn’t do it myself as hard as I tried. That’s where Leah from Cutesie Blog Designs came in. She had designed my friend Nancy’s blog at Table for Five . I saw the design and knew I wanted Cutesie Blog Designs to design my blog too.

First thing you need to know is that I am EXTREMELY particular. Leah at Cutesie Blog Designs has the patience of a Saint. I can be frustrating, I know those of you who know me say “No, Debra not you”. But yes it’s true, I believe in owning who you are. You see I knew I wanted something different and I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. But coming up with an idea of what I like for me is pretty difficult I am completely all over the place. Poor Leah made a Header on a design I thought I wanted but once I saw it I knew it wasn’t for me. She took it all in stride though and was so helpful and just wanted to make sure that I got a Blog design that I truly wanted. Well she has most definitely succeeded.

I LOVE my new look. I am so happy with the Header, fonts, really all the page elements. But especially my buttons, they are so beautiful and truthfully that was my biggest weakness. In everything I was able to teach myself while trying to design my own blog I could never get the buttons even remotely to my liking. And let’s face it your button is your Advertising in the bloggy world. You want people to see it and say “I want to see that blog!”. Sadly I don’t feel that any of my other blog buttons had that effect on anyone. If anything it was quite the opposite. But now they are cute and inviting and everything I was looking for and more. I am so extremely happy with Cutesie Blog Designs extremely talented, helpful, and patient service I recommend Cutesie Blog Designs to anyone with a blog be it a Family, Giveaway, etc. you should have a blog that you truly love. Your blog should be an expression of who you are and what you like. Not a cookie cutter blog design. No matter what your blog is about you want people to know that it is yours. And most importantly you want it to be to your liking. After all this is how you friends, family, and all those people near and far are going to see you don’t you think it should be you and your unique design they are seeing?

Buy It: You can purchase Cutesie Blog Designs packages for EXTREMELY affordable prices. Her smallest package which includes a Custom Header, Borders, and font for Sidebars and posts is only $25! And her Ultra Cutesie Package is only $55!!! That package includes everything and more! Guess what my lucky readers if you ‘Like” Cutesie Blog Designs on FB and Follow Cutesie Blog Designs on Twitter Leah will give you a 10% discount! With this discount, anyone can get a COMPLETE blog makeover for $50! That’s the most you will have to pay! Which is very reasonable when looking at other blog makeover services. If you have a blog or have been thinking about starting one this is the time to get it made just the way you want it!


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