Decorating Balloons

I was trying to think of a fun craft for the kiddos to keep busy since we have been on a complete no TV kick. Why? Just because, I felt like trying it out for awhile and it has actually been kind of nice.

Anyway awhile ago like 1 1/2 years ago we did balloon art and I thought why not do it again

Like the first time the kids were totally into it they loved it from start to finish. Which was over an hour!

Why stickers? Well the stickers help promote fine motor (those little muscles in the hand needed for writing).

And the balloons? Well balloons are more exciting then paper sometimes. We had them on hand and I liked the idea of the kids having to work a little harder to press the stickers gently yet firmly to have them adhere to the balloons. That took its own technique so the balloons would not pop. Plus its nice to work with different surfaces.

Below are the pics from the last time we did balloon art with stickers

A little over 1 1/2 years ago. I am adding this because Mikey was not yet 18 months yet he was able to participate in this project and stay with it for some time.

Of course you need to use your own discretion and know your child’s capabilities. Mikey was supervised completely from start to finish.

He had fun and enjoyed an activity his big sister was doing too. When you have toddlers sometimes it can be frustrating when they see an older sibling getting to do projects and fun things they can’t. This was a project Mikey was able to do too.

They took their decorating very seriously!

Materials Needed:

Thats it!

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