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If you are looking for a Kids traveling system I have found a magnificent one for you! The Diggity Kids system is made specifically for kids which means that everything is size appropriate and the cushioning while soft and comfy is not excessive. The Diggity Kids head rest is actually Kaia’s absolute favorite ( we do have a few) I found that it fits her best is the most comfortable for her and is super cute (we got the leopard print). We also received the seat belt cover which I use. Kaia will use it when she moves into a booster seat but for now I am enjoying it. The cushion is what Kaia I think uses most often she likes having it on her high chair, rocking chair, really any chair and even on the floor. It seems to be her cushion for everywhere and anywhere she sits to keep her nice and comfy. Of course later on it will be used on her booster seat as well. For now though it is for everywhere since she likes it so much.

Introducing the Diggity Kids Travel System

Designed for Kids
We are proud to introduce the first comfort travel system designed entirely for kids. We were founded on a mission to keep kids happy and comfortable.

Our Comfort Travel System
The Keester Child Seat Cushion, the Diggity Kids Seat Belt Cover & Child Neck Pillow come in a variety of colors and can be purchased as a travel system or individually.

The Keester®
The Keester is a cushion specifically invented, designed, and engineered for the comfort of your child. The Keester is an affordable, multi-use product that provides children some much needed cush for their tush!

Where can you use The Keester? Anywhere! The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of our suggestions:

The Keester is a practical solution for the discomfort and lack of back support experienced by children on most automobile booster seats. The most common complaints from children after long periods of travel in their booster seat are pins and needles in the feet and uncomfortable bottoms, otherwise known as “numb bum.” The majority of booster seats have little or no padding and the seat itself is made of hard plastic. The Keester is more than 2 inches of polyurethane foam for added comfort. The rear of The Keester is a semi-circular cut out that suspends the tail bone and reduces pressure on your child’s sensitive nerves, thereby preventing “numb bum.”

School is hard, why make it any harder? The Keester softens the hardest of desk chairs and makes circle time a happy time. Many teachers use cushions to help with fidgety children or those with a hard time focusing/concentrating. Let The Keester take all those worries off your child’s mind so he or she can concentrate on the lesson being taught.

Sporting Events
They don’t have the 7th inning stretch for no reason! Sporting events often require cheering, yelling…and a long period of sitting. We have a hockey player in the family, and sitting in an ice rink for hours on end can be painful.

Transform that painful stadium seat into your child’s favorite seat to enjoy the game. Simply place The Keester onto the seat and enjoy the game in comfort.

The Keester has a removable, washable cover made of micro suede in a variety of premium colors and textures. Buy separately or with the Diggity Kids Travel Comfort System.

The Diggity Kids Neck Pillow
The Diggity Kids Travel Neck Pillow is the ultimate travel pillow for your child. The Diggity Kids Travel Neck Pillow slips on your child’s neck to provide the support needed for comfortable rest or sleep. It props their head in the perfect position to prevent sore necks. So soft and comfortable, your child will be relaxed in seconds. Bring it in the car, on the plane, or in the stroller. Coordinate color with The Keester and our Diggity Kids Seat Belt Cover. Buy separately or with the Diggity Kids Travel Comfort System.

Machine Sewn & Hand stuffed with Premium memory foam.

The Diggity Kids Seat Belt Cover
For your child’s shoulder and/or lap belt, our seat belt pads are comfortable, durable and light weight. The Diggity Kids Seat Belt Cover prevents chafing and keeps kids happy to be safely seat belted. Made of soft micro-suede, these seat belt pads are machine washable. Coordinate color with The Keester and The Diggity Kids Travel Neck Pillow. Buy separately or with the Diggity Kids Travel Comfort System.

Buy It: You can purchase Diggity Kids products on the Diggity Kids site.

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