Dinosaur Sensory Bins

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation

IMG_20160331_102023404We bought super fine play sand click the link to see which we bought. We aslo purchased these Ancient Fossils but you can also make your own like I did here when we made our own fossils.

IMG_20160331_102030477Then we added paint brushes buried the ancient fossils and let the kids excavate.

IMG_20160331_102236926They loved discovering the buried fossils.




IMG_20160331_102335271We ended up adding some glass beads as well for added texture and fun.


IMG_20160331_102810799We used our Moon Sand Recipe here with a cocoa variation

IMG_20160331_104456212In this table we used the Prehistoric Mammals skulls.

IMG_20160331_104500045We set out molds and also showed how you can pack the moon sand around a skull

IMG_20160331_104511669Then break it open and find what you are looking for prehistoric fossils



IMG_20160331_104529618This table is a favorite!

IMG_20160331_104532878The table below is very similar to the first table except we used thicker sand from our sand box. We definitely prefer the finer sand we used up above for the sensory table excavation. But if you forgot to go buy the nicer sand improvise with what you have!

Materials Needed:
Play Sand
Dino Skulls from Safari LTD
Paint Brushes

Let the children excavate the dinosaur skulls with their brushes. They can gently rush away the sand to uncover the fossils hidden below.

Here are the dino skulls they are looking for

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