Disney’s Cars 2 Blu-Ray + DVD Release- Review

We love Cars 2. Cars 2 takes place Internationally with Lightning McQueen racing in Japan and all over Europe. I love when they visit Italy and go to Guido and Luigiā€™s hometown it is really so adorable. And I especially liked all the attention to detail throughout the movie. They had the Queen of England who was super cute as well as other characters like the Royal Guard and so forth. My favorite character would have to be Michael Caine he is a very cool spy car and I just enjoyed his voice acting. There is an especially Awesome Toy Story short in the Special Features section of the DVD that Kaia and I both really enjoy, there is also a Cars Toon “Air Mater” short film that is pretty cute. There is also a quick preview of Brave under the Sneak Peak section in Special Features that I am SOOO excited about.

Japan Fast Dirt Section

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