Downy Dryer Ball Review

IMG_20160409_151145906I love it when my laundry smells good. The downy ball releases during the wash and helps protect your clothes during the rinse cycle. Make softness simpler with the Downy Ball—the easier and more convenient way to add fabric softener to your wash. Just pour your favorite Downy fabric softener into the ball, seal it, and drop it in. The ball then automatically releases fabric softener during the rinse cycle.


Simply pour any Downy fabric conditioner up to the fill line in the bottle cap (per  instructions on the bottle), add to the Downy Ball, seal it and drop it right on top of your fabrics in your top-loader at the start of the wash. (Be sure to use only in  traditional—non-HE, or non-high-efficiency—washing machines.) The Downy Ball  time-releases  automatically so you don’t have to wait around for the rinse cycle to  begin.  The Downy Ball only works in top-loading—non-HE, or non-high-efficiency—washing machines.

Key Benefits

• designed for use in non-HE machines

• dispenses automatically during rinse cycle

• easy to fill, measure, and clean

Buy It: You can purchase a Downy Ball at your local Grocery Store.

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