Dry Powdered Tempera Paint- Spray Water Bottle

When I was mixing powdered tempera paint for another art project the kids became interested in the process

So I decided to let them do some mixing of their own

I set out some small cups of dry powdered tempera paint with some spoons for spreading. (if you have small shakers they would work great)

I let them explore the dry paint

Mikey was really into it. he loved how fine the paint is. Its very soft like flour.

Mikey mixed and rubbed the dry paint into the paper

Kaia liked just using the spoons to move the paint around to get the colors exactly where she wanted them to be

Once they were done I gave them spray bottles with plain water in them

They then worked on spraying the dry paint, turning it into its wet form

Kaia loved watching the paint change colors as it mixed and was pushed into other colors


  1. How fun! We just recently started exploring our powdered tempera paint too! I had it all year long and just started using it recently.

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