Dyson Vacuum Review

Did you know today is World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world.
Each year, GINA chooses a theme to highlight for World Asthma Day, and this year’s theme is “You Can Control Your Asthma.” There are many things people can do to help control the affects of asthma, and Dyson vacuums can play an important role in asthma and allergy prevention in the home. Dyson Vacuums have something called Root Cyclone™ technology. Root Cyclone technology uses powerful centrifugal forces to separate dust from the air. New Dyson cylinder machines have three distinct stages of cyclonic separation – each engineered to capture smaller and smaller particles.Air velocity is: 20 metres per second in the outer cyclone, 50 metres per second in the core separator, 80 metres per second in the inner cyclones. Dust particles are subjected to forces of: 500G in the outer cyclone, 29,000G in the core separator and 100,000G in the inner cyclones (around 20,000 times greater than a roller-coaster ride). I feel so fortunate to have gotten the chance to review the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead. It has a canister vacuum with Level 3 Root Cyclone™ technology and a turbine head for all-around performance.

This vacuum is incredible! I have gone through several vacuums in my day. And this one is such a great one. It has wonderful maneuverability it also has a very flat turbinehead that easily fits under my sofa and entertainment center. I also like that the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead vacuum comes with some wonderful attachments:
Stair tool- A Dyson-designed tool for removing dust and dirt from stairs and stair carpets.
Brush tool- Long bristles to dislodge cobwebs and for delicate cleaning.
Crevice tool- High velocity airflow crevice tool ideal for cleaning base boards, picture frames and in-between furniture.
I thoroughly tested all of the attachments out I actually even took the light down in our hallway (it’s been YEARS since it was cleaned) and vacuumed the ceiling behind it. Yep, I reached all the way into our attic with the extension and tools. I am a huge fan of this vacuum. Mike was really excited about the vacuum too. Mostly because I was actually really excited about vacuuming and cleaning=). We are both allergic to dust so this vacuum is really a good fit for us and I am so glad that it can help us with the amount of dust in our house. I also love love love the fact that the Dyson DC23 has a Lifetime HEPA + Bactisafe. Air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe. The filter area is also Hygienic and quick to empty to minimize risk of contact with dirt.

The Dyson turbinhead also can be turned off for when you vacuum hardwood floors. That is so important to me because I sweep the house daily it will be so much easier to ust vacuum it think of all the time I will save!
Want to hear even more exciting news?

All Dyson upright and canister vacuums have:

No loss of suction
Root Cyclone™ technology means Dyson vacuums don’t lose suction power as you clean.

No extra costs
All Dyson upright and canister vacuums are bagless, so there are no costly bags to replace. They also come with washable filters and free shipping.

5 year warranty
Parts and labor are covered for 5 years.

I know they are awesome!

Buy It: Visit the Dyson site to purchase your own wonderful certified asthma and allergy friendly Dyson vacuum.

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