Earthslings- Review and Giveaway

I am a huge Baby Wearing advocate. I honestly believe it was the right choice for our family. Its funny Mike and I were actually talking the other day and just laughing over how we would have never imagined being the kind of “hippyish” parents we turned out to be, from co-sleeping, to baby wearing, cloth diapering and more. Who would have known? I thought our voyage into parenthood would have gone one way but really as soon as Kaia was born it went in a very different direction. The baby wearing may have been my biggest tackle. I went in not knowing a thing and now I think I am relatively knowledgeable. If you had asked me to tell you the difference between a pouch, ring sling, and soft structured carrier before Kaia was born you may as well have been speaking a different language. Now I can tell you the benefits of each what they have in common their differences and a bit more.

When it comes down to it all the different carriers have different times when they are the most beneficial and different reasons for making them so. For a pouch sling like the Earthslings pouch I have a huge list below stating why it is such a great sling. And believe me it is great. Why I like it though is as far as baby wearing goes pouches are pretty much the most affordable, the easiest to use, the lightest, and the most compact. You can fold them up super small put them in your diaper bag and have them ready to go when needed. The Earthslings I reviewed was the Deep Purple Drill sling. First the Deep purple is GORGEOUS. I do love purple. It washed really well. This is so important for ANY baby wearing product you get. After all, your baby will be spending a lot of time in there and we all know babies are not the cleanest of creatures. From drool, spit up, blow outs and more you need to be able to seriously clean any baby wearing product. As far as ease of use the Earthslings pouch is just about the easiest sling to wear. Just slip it on that’s it no real adjusting- except the baby or toddler. Mikey sits easily in the pouch at 26lbs. We have several positions we use regularly the hip carry is kind of our go to carry position, because it is so fast and easy, it is fantastic and perfect for quick errands. The other is the back carry almost like a piggy back ride I think this may actually be his favorite. The Earthslings pouches and products are beautiful, affordable and easy to use. The sling we received is durable, soft and easy to clean. Definitely an awesome POUCH SLING!


Best for Babies

* Unlike many baby carriers on the market Earthslings cradle newborn babies lying down with legs together and their head, neck and spine fully supported. To learn more about why this is the best position for young babies read the article Infant Carriers and Spinal Stress.
* Older babies and toddlers can safely sit up in the sling with secure back support or recline for naps with head support.
* There are no rigid frame or leg openings to dig into baby.

Comfortable for Wearer

* No narrow straps to dig in to the wearer’s shoulders or breasts.
* Fabric spreads out wide across the shoulders and torso distributing weight over a large area.
* Can be worn on both sides of the wearer’s body preventing back strain.


* The one size Earthsling fits newborns up to toddlers.
* Earthslings can be worn on the front, side or back.
* Baby can be in various positions, reclining or upright.
* Baby can remain in the sling for discreet, hands free breastfeeding.


* Machine washable, dries quickly, reversible in case in case of spills.
* Baby can be put into a car capsule sling and all.
* Compact and handy to carry with you or keep in the glove box.
* No padding, lightweight, fabric can be pulled up for sun protection.


* Putting it on and your baby in takes seconds.
* No adjusting. No rings or buckles to come undone.
* Changing positions takes seconds.
* No need to remove baby when changing positions.

Buy It: You can purchase Earthslings products on the site. Earthslings site.

Win It:One lucky reader will win an Earthslings in the funky flannel or stretch drill range of the winners choosing of size and style.

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This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.
Good Luck!


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