Evenflo’s Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit ($100 value) Review and Giveaway

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Do you have any more traveling to do this summer? We always take an end of summer road trip its kind of like our last hoorah before the weather starts taking a turn. I know we live in CA so the weather does not take as much of a “turn” towards colder weather as other parts of the country. Still while its summer we like to go traveling. This year we are going on another trip to Julian (we love it there). Its (for us) a long trip with the kids. So what to do for the hours spent in the car? Evenflo Savvy Parent has put together an Ultimate Car Kit that has everything you will need to go traveling with the kids without the tears. They really thought of everything from a snack, to a window shade, to a Gas Card, yes you heard me, Gas Card. After all your car isn’t going to get very far without gas. To learn more about Evenflo Savvy Parent visit the Evenflo Savvy Parent site. You can find all kinds of great information there like parenting statistics, helpful tips, and some really funny videos.

Evenflo’s Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit GIVEAWAY ($100 value) that includes:
$25 Gas Gift Card, a little treat for mom and dad
Moist Wipes, for quick car clean up
Baby Mirror, to check out rear-facing baby while driving
Soft Book, to secure safety of passengers when thrown during tantrum
Kid/Parent Friendly CD, to inspire a family sing along
Car Dust buster, for hunting down cheerios between seats
Window Shade, to keep the hot summer sun out
Animal Crackers and a Snack Trap, to curve cravings
Car organizer, to keep it all arranged neatly!

Evenflo “Savvy Parents Survey”
Some great stats are below.
survey of 1,000 parents from across the country with children under five years old. Through the survey, we found out:
More time on the road often puts safety concerns into high gear. And it can trigger tears of frustration – in kids AND parents.
The biggest worry parents have when taking car trips is that their young child will be harmed in a collision (76%).
Integral to a safe ride is proper car-seat installation, but a full 65% of mothers and 72% of fathers encounter challenges when installing car seats.
And – oh baby! – nearly half (49%) admit that installing the car seat caused them to sweat more than actually making the baby did!


The Seat Feat
Talk about a pain: 60% of moms and 63% of dads confess installing their car seat was challenging, while 5% of moms actually compared the experience with going through labor. And the challenge doesn’t end when the seat is installed, parents expressed other car seat frustrations: Adjusting car-seat straps got parents in a tangle the most (60%), followed by making sure the straps were tight enough (48%). It’s no surprise, as a third (34%) of parents say their child has wiggled out of their car seat and one-fifth of parents admit this happens at least once a week.

Stemming the Tide of Tantrums
All parents hope for a smooth getaway when heading out for a family road trip. So after safety, what do moms and dads worry about the most? Some 48% of parents worry about keeping their child entertained while in their car seat, 34% worry that their little Houdini will wiggle out of the car seat and 32% worry their child will have a temper tantrum. But preparation and creativity is the key to keeping car-seat-strapped kids happy: 72% of parents stock the car with toys, 54% rely on Cheerios and Goldfish snacks, 46% sing silly songs, 36% play DVDs and 27% keep books on hand. Happy kids can sometimes mean messy cars! Of the Cheerio-chompers, 37% leave behind at least a dozen Os in their seat after a road trip, and 11% leave enough for tomorrow morning’s breakfast bowl.

Pot Holes and Potty Mouths
Let’s face it … parents are humans and are not exempt to frustrations of the road! Parents admit that when in driving mode they don’t always take the high road: Almost three-quarters (74%) of moms and dads admit to cursing at another driver in their child’s presence, while 28% have flipped the bird, and 21% have rolled down their window to scream at another driver. While 30% of parents say they never swear in front of their kids in the car, 61% say they sometimes let the loose language fly.

And talk about a “wheel” distraction: attending to a baby while driving causes 38% to miss their exit once in a while, and 12% to miss their exit often and has caused 38% of parents to get lost.

Above are some of Evenflo’s Savvy Parent videos they literally had me Laughing out loud they are pretty funny.

Buy It: You can purchase Evenflo products on the Evenflo Savvy Parent site. You can also find interesting statistics, watch some cute video’s and learn some good tips all on the Evenflo Savvy Parent site.

Win It: One lucky reader will win a Evenflo’s Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit GIVEAWAY ($100 value) from Evenflo ( see above for what’s included). To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the Evenflo Savvy Parent site and tell me something you learned.

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Good Luck!

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