Farm Sensory Bag

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Okay confession time. I am kind of a crazy bag lady. I save bags like every time the kids get a new toy, or you get a new pillowcase or curtain…etc. The thicker plastic on these bags is perfect for your more rough and tumble sensory bags.

Picture 088So here is the thing I usually use a heat knife.

228085-1I love it because it seals the bag as it cuts. So it is really handy. I am going to assume that not everyone has this nifty tool. So what you will need to do is cut the bag below the snaps if it has snaps like mine. If it has a zipper zip it closed and Just tape all around your baggie.

If you don’t have a zipper you have a snap like the baggie I have. After cutting the top off you need to fold the open side over. I fold mine twice. Then tape all around the baggie every side of it.
Materials Needed:
Thicker plastic baggie
clear packing tape or duct tape
farm animals

1. Add aspen to the baggie you don’t want the baggie too full. I usually fill the baggie about 1/3 full
2. Add farm animals.
3. Follow step by step instructions above

1. Add hair gel to the baggie just a few tablespoons you don’t want the baggie too full. I usually fill the baggie about 1/3 full
2. Add coloring and your space theme items, glitter, etc.
3. Fold the baggies over and push out all the air before you seal it.
4. Seal baggie with tape on the top. I like to fold over the ziploc seal part and tape that down.
5. Place the now taped and sealed baggie upside down inside another baggie.
6. Seal this baggie on all edges with clear packing tape. Trim the edges when you are done to remove excess tape.

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