Feelgoodz Sandals Review and Coupon Code

I am a flip flop kind of girl. If given a choice I just about always choose flip flops they are comfy and when you have kids you need some comfort especially when you have active kids like mine. I am always chasing them around trying to keep up. Feelgoodz makes super comfortable flip flops that feel good on your feet. I have actually been taking these on my nightly walks I generally where walking sneakers but it has been SOOO HOT I couldn’t bear to put on my walking shoes. On went the Feelgoodz and I have been doing my three mile nightly walk with my Feelgoodz. My feet feel great. I really like these flip flops I recommend them to anyone and everyone they are just so comfy. Feelgoodz are Natural, Comfortable, and Ethical.

Feelgoodz natural rubber flip-flops are the perfect shower sandals…bucket or no bucket.

•100% eco-friendly natural latex rubber, highly compressed for pillow-soft comfort
•All-natural, non-toxic dyes
•Made for everyday relaxation: the pool, the beach, the park, the casual stroll, the apartment/house, the spa, the yoga studio
•Strap will stretch to conform to your feet

General FAQ about Feelgoodz:
Feelgoodz are biodegradeable!

How long do your flops take to biodegrade?

Some thai farmers placed a pair of our flip-flops in their backyard, near a tree. In just over 4 years, they had broken apart and returned to the earth. I think it’s sooner, as I have a pair in my own backyard and, in less than 6 months, they are getting VERY soft. Pretty neat. Try it yourself!

How can I dispose of them once I’m finished?
Be creative! I’ve dug a hole in my backyard and thrown a pair in there. We’ve cut them up and used them as bedding in worm compost bins. We’ve used them as doorstops while moving Joel from apartment to his new house. We’d recommend sending them back to us for a discount on your next purchase, but you can do anything you want. They’ll eventually biodegrade.

One Model

Feelgoodz operates its business through the triple bottom-line model of People, Planet, Profit. We believe in doing well by doing good, and we strive to be a responsible company from the ground-up. The most innovative model we found is entitled The Materials Economy: Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal. With every product that we create, we aim to take this product on the journey through this system and gauge areas of improvement. For example, we took our flip-flops through each step:

Extraction: Rubber Trees absorb CO2, so the more rubber trees we can plant, the better. Also, once a rubber tree is ‘tapped’ out (30-40 years), the tree is used for rubberwood furniture exports, and a new tree is planted in its stead. Cyclical.

Production: The use of all-natural rubber, as opposed to EVA Foam, ensures biodegradability in 4-5 years. Also, we oversee the overall quality of life for our rubber farmers and flip-flop manufacturers. We care about being fair.

Distribution: Although our product is importer, we limit shipments by buying in bulk. Once in the USA, we partner with value-aligned logistics companies. Additionally, we partner with retailers whom also strive to embody the triple bottom-line business model.

Consumption: Not only do we care about the environmental impact of our product, we care about quality and comfort in our flip-flops. We use the highest grade natural rubber in the world, and our flip-flops are curiously comfortable.

Disposal: Here’s the fun part! Once you’re done with your flip-flops, don’t just throw them away! You can be creative: Bury them in your garden, use them as a doorstopper, chop them up and toss them in worm compost bins. Have fun, they will eventually biodegrade. Check back for more fun disposal or recycling ideas!

Buy It: You can purchase Feelgoodz on the Feelgoodz site. Use coupon code is “FAMILYLICIOUS” for $10 off your next order!

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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