Fine Motor and Science- Absorption

fine motor absorptionSo you may be wondering how fine motor ties into this, well lets look at what the components of this project are so we can find where fine motor comes into play. Below is our initial set up. Pretty simple a bowl of water with some liquid water colors to add some pretty color, a pipette, and a bowl of cotton balls on a tray. The use of the pipette puts the hand in a pincer grasp and while coaxing the water into the pipette your child is using their fine motor skills. Also the picking up and moving of the cotton balls is using their fine motor skills as well.

Absorption is when the cotton ball absorbs or soaks up the liquid. So we started this by asking the kids to make 3 puddles of liquid on their tray.
IMG_20160329_110724435They then took a single cotton ball and soaked up the first puddle.

IMG_20160329_110736101Then the second puddle was soaked up

IMG_20160329_110745614and then the third puddle. Once they had absorbed all the puddles they used the pipette to continue to add water until the cotton ball could absorb no more and the liquid leaked from it.

IMG_20160329_110827284Once the water started leaking from the cotton ball we started the process all over again with another cotton ball and then another.

IMG_20160329_110907266Using the same basic methods as before seeing how how much each cotton ball could absorb.

IMG_20160329_110935479When they were all done seeing how much liquid they could get into each cotton ball.

IMG_20160329_111455040They squeezed all the liquid back out of the cotton ball using again their fine motor skills.


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