Fine Motor- Flipping Felt

Flipping felt
Okay so it really isn’t just Flipping felt although that is mainly what you see in this post. You can be creative it can be Flipping just about anything. That grip on the handle of the spatula or if your spatula happens to be in the dishwasher your pie server will do is helping to fine tune those fine motor muscles. The flipping action in their wrist when they flip over the object also helps to strengthen.
The felt eggs were so easy to make and came together in a minute or two.
Just cut odd shapes out of white felt and then add a circle yolk in any color you like. I hot glued the yolks to the white part. You can add numbers, letters, shapes, or just leave them plain.
Now give the kids the task of flipping the eggs over.
Eggs aren’t all you can flip make some pancakes out of felt or foam add a little pad of butter so you know when they have been flipped over. Or you can make some fruit, or puppies, or really anything you like. Felt and foam have been the easiest to work with for my kids but try other materials to. We also use bean bags it gives it a little more weight.
I add a small shape on one side of the fruit so that the kids know when the fruit has been flipped over
IMG_20160329_102438573All the eggs are flipped over time to flip them again. You can use a timer see if they can flip all the eggs on time or just let them move at their own pace.

IMG_20160329_102450144 Either way this is a fun way to work the fine motor muscles and to talk about different shapes, colors, and numbers.  IMG_20160329_102456019

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