Fine Motor- Golf Tees and Marbles

Fine Motor skill exercises are so important. They will strengthen your child’s grip so they can later hold a pencil and write their name. They are the techniques that will help your child button and zip their clothing. They are truly the building blocks to so many different skills that will be necessary for daily for daily routines and practices.


This is a simple project that can be adapted in so many ways. If marbles are to small you can use ping pong balls or golf balls. Or go smaller and use pony beads


The simple act of pushing the golf tees into the foam block is also strengthening and developing those vital muscles in the hand. IMG_20160328_111251401

You can have your child use their hands to place and balance the marbles on the gold tees. IMG_20160328_111258624  IMG_20160328_111305255

You can count each marble as its being placed or simply talk about what colors they see inside the marbleIMG_20160328_111429941

Or instead of using your hands to pick up the marbles you can use one of our very favorite tools its called a Pop Pal they are actually supposed to be used to help while eating a popsicle. But we use them for fine motor and they are just amazing the perfect size for little hands and so adorably cute. Kids just love them.IMG_20160328_111434422

You simply squeeze the sides of the mouth to grab a marble and squeeze again to release. Still strengthening those important muscles in the hand.

IMG_20160328_111445870   Balancing the marbles may look easy but it does take some effort and they have to be spatially aware as well to make sure they don’t knock down the marbles thus having to redo all the hard work they ave already done.  IMG_20160328_111554083

Golf Tees, Marbles and pop palsThe Pop Pals really are awesome if you are working on fine motor I highly suggest getting someIMG_20160328_111604325

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