Fine Motor: Marble Transfer

Marble transfer
IMG_20160329_125116469I love the clearance section. The clearance section where you ask? Basically anywhere.  I always have to do a quick scan to see if there is anything exciting that we just can’t live without. Well maybe that is to strong a phrase. Anyway one of my quick visual scan had me bring home this suction cup racket with its twin purple sister and a matching ball all for $0.78 yes that’s right $0.78. I know right how could I say “No” to that. I found these at my local grocery store right after the end summer sales had finished it was part of the leftovers and was just begging to come home with me.
IMG_20160329_125319516So here we are using this awesome find in a way unintended by the maker I am sure but immensely helpful to our little ones.
IMG_20160329_125321439And our Pop Pals one of my favorite tools when children are working with marbles.
IMG_20160329_125328011Using those fine motor muscles to work one transferring marbles and balancing them from one placeto the next

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