Fine Motor: Paint Chip Color Shade Match

Paint Chip color match

IMG_20160407_105613288Today is a rainy day, one of those days where you need to figure out how to keep the kiddo’s occupied without spending to much time outside. I will admit we almost always go outside fully dressed in rain gear from our heads to our toes, using an umbrella and jumping in puddles. Today unfortunately while we will go out side for some of the cool moist air my little guy has croup so there won’t be any puddle jumping.

IMG_20160407_105552124That’s okay becauseĀ  I have thought of plenty of ways to help my little guy have fun and keep entertained on a sick rainy day. Of course these projects are awesome any day but today in particular they are really a matter of survival for me so that I can get my piles and piles of laundry done and I might just clean a dish or two.

IMG_20160407_105520213So how does this project work? Well its pretty simple and you can vary the difficulty level. First you need to visit your local paint or hardware store and pick out your favorite color paint chips. You can go very simple and get a paint chip that has only one hue on it. Or go a little harder and get one that has three shades of the same color. If you want to get particularly difficult go for one that has four shades and if you are going for the near impossible to figure out get two that are next to each other that are of the same color family. Or maybe its just impossible for me with my bad eye sight. Not sure, try it and let me know.

IMG_20160407_105515064Again with set up you have some choices if you are going very simple. Put out once card with the corresponding color clothespins and have the kids match up.

IMG_20160403_125741080More difficult put out several and have the kids sort through and match the colors up. Remember this isn’t only about color recognition and shade differentiation. This is about working those fine motor skills. So every time they pick up that paint chip or pinch that paper clip those fine motor muscles are strengthening those same muscles that will be used to button shirts and write with a pencil.

IMG_20160403_125601526Materials Needed:

Paint chips
clothes pins

1. Cut about a 1/2-3/4 inch strip from each paint chip.
2. Use that thin strip you just cut to color your clothespins by cutting the shades apart and then attaching them to your clothespins with glue ( I use hot glue)
3. Now set up on a tray or directly on the table and allow the kids to explore.


  1. That’s a neat idea. Fine motor skills are very important to learn. A lot of kids have trouble with it.

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