Fine Motor: Paint Stick Paint Chip Color Match Up

Paint Stick Color match
Say it three times really fast with me!
“Paint Stick paint Chip Color Match up!”
“Paint Stick paint Chip Color Match up!”
“Paint Stick paint Chip Color Match up!”

Whew! It’s not easy. Let’s get to it then shall we. Fine motor workouts are a must for preschool age kids. Getting them ready for all the necessary intricate movements they will need to take part in such as buttoning and zipping up clothes and using a pencil to write. The pinching and grasping motion is so helpful in strengthening those tiny but very important muscles.
What I love about this project is that it is basically FREE!
Visit your local paint or hardware store and peruse the paint chip aisle. Pick out a rainbow of paint chips and on your way out ask for a paint stick or two or three (They always come in handy), Super simple and FREE!
Once you are home get to work, I cut off about and inch off each paint chip
I used hot glue but you can use glue of your choice, glue a section of each paint chip to the paint stick and make a corresponding clothespin with the same color paint chip glued on.
on some paint sticks there is a ruler on one side and the other side with have other info usually store name etc. Ilike to glue on the store name. You never know when you might need another ruler around so keep it visible.
To set up for the project I used a tray to place the paint stick on and a bowl with the colored clothespins in it. Then let the children match up.
Materials Needed:
Paint Stick
Paint Chips
glue ( I use hot glue)
clothespins (If you don’t already have some I buy mine at the Dollar Store)
That’s it Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeezy!

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