Fine Motor: Water Transfer Popsicle Molds

water transfer popsicle mold

IMG_20160329_114011897Yesterday we used Muffin Tins at our water transfer station today we are using popsicle molds. You really can use so many different containers to create a different yet the same fun activity for the kids. Same premise just a different package can create new excitement and interest in an activity.

IMG_20160329_114027392And those fine motor muscles are working hard here

IMG_20160329_114030196Filling up the popsicle mold

IMG_20160329_114036036checking out his hard work

IMG_20160329_114333545And just to show you these cuties right here were bought at  Home Goods. They are individual cupcake or ice cream molds. I fell in love immediately and new they would be a huge hit and they were of course

IMG_20160329_124025785What awesome water transfer activities have you done?


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