Fine Motor: Scoop and Move

scoop and moveIMG_20160403_094444044A while ago I bought a bunch of beans. We have used them in so many ways. Mostly the kids love having them in their sensory tables. Every now and then though it is fun to use them in ways the kids didn’t really expect. This is one of those ways. This simple project strengthens childrens fine motor skills. It also works their hand eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

IMG_20160403_094532147Materials Needed:

something to sort I used different size beans buy you could use pompoms, bird seed, or anything else you can think of
small bowls for the items
I use measuring teaspoons in 1/2 tsp and 1/4 tsp sizes but you could use regular spoons
ice cube tray or egg carton

IMG_20160403_094539537there will be spillage but that is part of the fun. They can use their fingers later to scoop up the spilled beans


IMG_20160403_094557175children will decided what they want to do here. This is part of the problem solving skills they are developing. Do they want to have each compartment have a different bean in it, do they want to make a pattern, or maybe they want to layer the beans, or maybe just mix everything together and enjoy that way. There is no right or wrong here. Each kid will do something different that is right for them. That is why these projects are so much fun. You can see how each child decides to explore the project infront of them.



IMG_20160403_094622969ou can see the little mess around the bowls. its part of the fun and the tray will work to keep most of it contained.

IMG_20160403_094636406Egg cartons work great, ice cube trays, anything that has separate compartments. Like this ice cube tray that is a little different below.





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