Fine Motor: Sweeping Skills

Sweeping Skills
Holding and grasping the small broom handle and using the sweeping movement towards a designated area not only teaches an important life skil it is honing in and refining those fine motor skills as well.
Now only if I could get my kids to sweep so precisely like this for me at home. My floors are truly dreadful my kids love to sweep but mainly it is just briskly moving everything on the floor around from one side to the next in a most disorderly fashion.
That is not what the point of this exercise is. Here kids can work at sweeping the materials into the designated spot. Want to make it harder make the spot smaller. Want to make it harder still use marble, ping pong balls, or golf balls.
Materials Needed:
something to sweep (this can be anything torn pieces of paper, beans, packing peanuts, pompoms, beads, popcorn etc. )
A small hand broom ( Dollar store almost always has them)
a Tray
some masking tape or painters tape or if you want draw with sharpie directly onto your tray
IMG_20160329_094619634 IMG_20160329_094633687
1. Create the space where you want all the materials to be swept too
2. Spread all the materials around the tray
3. place the small hand broom by the tray
4. Invite the kids to explore
IMG_20160329_094726437 IMG_20160329_094730341 IMG_20160329_094935240 IMG_20160329_094940906 IMG_20160329_094943133

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