Fine Motor- Tub Stopper and Marbles

Marbles and bath stoppers

Materials Needed:
Bowl for marbles
Tub stopper with suction cups ( this tub stopper is similar to the one I used)
Pop Pals (Optional)

IMG_20160328_112059815Using their fingers or a Pop Pal your child will develop stronger fine motor skills.


Balancing the marbles on the suctions takes percision, fore thought, spatial awareness, and creativity.

IMG_20160328_112127385Making a pattern talking about numbers, colors, and discerning between similarities and differences. Marbles are all similar they are round, approximately around the same size (at least the ones we used were) but they each had a different color inside some were similar in color others were different.

IMG_20160328_112131107Thinking of a plan. surveying the materials and then carrying out the plan to create a picture the child had designed in their head.

IMG_20160328_112133992Once done the child separated the marbles into different bowls representing a specific color as well as the odd ball bowl.

IMG_20160328_112206274Using a Pop Pal one of our favorite tools when working with marbles
The Marble in the Pop Pals mouth
IMG_20160328_112256930Releasing the marble


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