Fine Motor: Using Pinchers

Using PinchersUsing pinchers also helps with fine motor skills. The holding of the pinchers and the deliberate squeezing to pick something up and the challenge of changing their grip just slightly to lift and move the object in the pinchers takes great fine muscle control.


Here they are just moving felt numbers from one place unto the next.IMG_20160329_102810677   You can add flipping into the mix if they like it adds an extra but of work for themIMG_20160329_102821789

You can really use just about anything with pinchers. Felt, little plastic toys such as manipulatives, fabric or real flowers, use your imagination and make it fun. IMG_20160329_102825606    Here they used tanagrams for moving from one area to the next. IMG_20160329_103004335   You don’t need to use a  plan tray. A basket, and egg carton, just about anything can work, get creative.IMG_20160329_103056358

Regardless of what materials you use to move or places you decide to use them. The pinchers will help to create a fine motor work out. IMG_20160329_103104374 These are the pinchers we use.

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