Fine Motor: Water Transfer to Muffin Tins

wtaer transfer to muffin tinsIMG_20160329_113321360
Water transfer is a fun activity that uses fine motor skills but it can get a little boring if you are always using the same two jars. So why not spiff it up a bit. We used some silicone muffin molds to create a bit more fun in a water transfer activity.
IMG_20160329_113332493My little one likes squirting the water onto the sponge watching it absorb and then moving it into the mold. That’s awesome because it uses even more fine motor skills then I had anticipated him using




IMG_20160329_113543783Getting the last drops of water when the baster couldn’t get anymore water he stuck the sponge in to finish the job. Awesome problem solving going on here.

IMG_20160329_113916792And squeezing out those last few drops


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