Five Senses Curriculum: Hearing

Activity 1: Hum a Song
1. Hum a song that the children know
2. See if they can identify it without the words
3. Let children hum songs and you and their peers get to try and guess what it is

Activity 2: Who Makes this Sound?
1. Ask children to make a sound like an animal
2. Have class guess the animal that makes that sound
Variation: children can imitate cars, trains, whistles, etc

Activity 3: Who is that talking?
1. Take turns recording each child’s voice
2. play back the recording and see if the kids can recognize the child who is speaking

Activity 4: Play Telephone
1. Sit the class in a big circle
2. whisper to the child sitting next to you a simple two syllable word ex: Apple
3. that child whispers to the next child and so on and so forth until it gets back to you
4. The last child says the word out loud
variation: If it becomes to easy try a simple phrase instead of a single word ex: Skip to my Lou

Activity 5: Dancing
1. I like using Greg and Steve for dancing where children distinguish between tones etc
2. Use songs where children will move slow when the song is slow and fast when the song is fast
3. Or songs where they move like different animals during different sounds
Variation: USe scarves while dancing

Activity 6: Rhythm Sticks, shakers (maracas) or other musical instruments
1. Play songs and have kids tap along
2. sometimes you move fast other times slow. sometimes not at all

Activity 7: Name the Instrument
1. play some music with different instruments or you play an instrument under a towel on your lap
2. have the kids guess what the instrument is

Activity 8: Make Sound Jars

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