Five Senses Curriculum: Smell

Activity 1: Where Am I?
1. This is a guessing game where the teacher or the child gives clues about the area they are thinking about.
2. Example: 1. I can smell hay
2. I can smell horses
3. I can smell cows
4. I can smell chickens
Where am I? A Farm!

Activity 2: A Smell Walk
Depending on your location this could work
1. Take class for a walk around the playground
2. Visit different areas is there a garden how does it smell here?
3. Has it just rained?, is there grass?

Activity 3: Make your Own potpourri

Activity 4: Smell Jars

Activity 5: Pomanders
I used to make these as a child
materials: oranges 1 for each child, whole cloves
1. push the whole cloves into the unpeeled orange
2. notice how the two smells combined that of the orange and that of the clove become a third different smell when combined

Activity 6: Make a Favorite Smell Chart

What is your favorite smell?
Kaia: Flowers
Mikey: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Liam: pancakes and syrup

Activity 7: Paint with smells

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