Five Senses Curriculum: Touch

Activity 1: Sensory Walk
blindfold or not its kind of more fun with a blindfold but its not necessary
1. have the child take off their shoes
2. have different texture swatches cut out in from of them
3. bubble wrap, sand paper, a tub of water, a tub of cooked spaghetti, tile, a tub of river pebbles etc

Activity 2: Make a Hidden Object Box

Activity 3: Make Texture Cards

Activity 4: Make Sensory Bagshow to’s on over 40+ Sensory Bags
Sensory Bags
Activity 5: Make Playdough 35+ different recipes for Playdough
Activity 6: Create some Foot Print Painting

or go all out and do Full Body Painting

Activity 7: Finger Painting
Materials: liquid starch, powdered tempera paint, paper, and smocks
1. Children wear aprons
2. 3 inch spot of starch on the table sprinkle some tempra paint on it
3. you can do this more than once with different colors
4. have the child mix the color in to the starch and paint on their paper

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