Frogs and Lizards- Sensory Table

I created a Frog and Lizard Sensory Table. I wanted it to have kind of a Rain Forest feel to it. So I added lots of flowers, pebbles, glass beads, and more.

The Lily pads are the same one’s I used in our Pond Water Table

I created “Rivers” or water ways using glass pebbles and rocks. The same one’s used in the Dino Land Sensory Table

I tried to have frogs and lizards everywhere. I wanted some hidden and some in plain sight so they could go on a search if they wanted. Looking for a specific creature; frog or lizard. Or a specific color only pink frogs or green lizards or maybe only blue critters.

I reused the pool from Dino Land too. But this time I surrounded it with pebbles and made an offshoot water way with beads so it looked more like a waterfall run off. Again I wanted it to be different. This table definitely has more of a water wonderland feel with out the water of course.

Everything in this table and I mean everything is from the Dollar store… oops except the sand itself.

Scattered in the leaves were lizards and frogs. I wanted this table to have layers. So it was not just the ground (sand) level. The kids had to look everywhere to find all the critters contained

Coming down the water fall area I scattered flowers for the kids to have the lizards ride on, eat, or hide in

More lizards hiding in plain sight on leaves and flowers

Discovering some of the hidden levels in the table. There were some lizards and frogs buried in the sand as well.

Coming down the steps more lizards, frogs and flowers

Leading to the pool and plants

Kaia expecially liked the pink and purple lizards and frogs

Finding Frogs and lizards and deciding where they should go.

Kaia liked using the flowers to hide and protect her lizards and frogs. We talked about how a lot of frogs like to stay on the wet leafy ground because they have to stay out of the sun so they don’t dry out. They must stay shaded and moist. Since they breathe through their skin.

Mikey enjoyed excavating the table to find all the hidden critters below the sand

He is definitely a thinker. He would stop and decide what to do next before acting on it.

Like making it rain. He would sprinkle sand down on the leaves and animals to create a refreshing rain for them all to enjoy.

Hiding a frog in the flower petals. Kaia started making miniature habitats for the critters in her care.

Mikey decided the water needed to be everywhere so he sprinkled the blue pebbles about

He also moved the plants to different places. That is one thing I love about these tables since you are creating them you can make everything moveable and easily transported. So that your kiddos can customize the table to the way they want it exactly. I think it is important to remember that even though you think you got it just right. Doesn’t mean it is just right for them. They have their own ideas and who is to say yours are better. I know my kiddos come up with much better ideas then me!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Flowers are not just for girls! Mikey loves exploring them taking them apart, playing with them and creating with them. Here he is trying to figure out just what to do with this pink flower. Maybe a home for a frog or lizard?

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