Funnels, Tubes, and Waterbeads- Explore and Discover

Mikey decided these were baby snake eggs. I thought they looked more like frog eggs. But to each his own. The kids played with this for over an hour!

Super simple play but it was awesome!
They worked with the funnels, tubes, and scoops.
They loves watching the waterbeads go through the funnel at the top of the tubing and come out at the bottom.
They made up elaborate stories about different kinds of animals and that these were their babies.
They worked together scooping, pouring and collecting all the waterbeads.
They started to figure out if they lifted the end of the tubing higher then the funnel that they could keep the beads inside.
They asked for longer tubing to be switched out so they could collect even more water beads inside.
Funnels attached to tubing inside a hanging planter flat. You get these at the Nursery when you buy a bunch of plants but  Ibet you could ask and they would just give you one.
Using measuring cups to pour.
Using the scoop to collect the waterbeads at the bottom of the tubing.
Looking at the “baby eggs” in his measuring cup.
Materials Needed:
Water Beads
funnels (Dollar Store)
tubing (found in plumbing department at Home Depot or other hardware stores)
Planter Flat (Nursery)
Hang your planter flat above your sensory table. Fill your sensory table with water and waterbeads. Add measuring cups and scoops. Attach funnels into plumbing tubing. Thread through the planter flat leading the tubing into your sensory table. Let the kids explore!

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