George Foreman’s Keep It Green & Clean Review and Giveaway

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I have a constant battle going with my kitchen to keep it clean. I have around 7 different cleaners or more that I use for different things to get everything clean. Try as I might to condense what cleaners I use and narrow them down to a more reasonable amount so my under sink area is not overflowing it seems impossible. There are certain jobs that need certain cleaners. Until now, I found GRILLS & MORE CONCENTRATE CLEANER . I saw “& More” and I decided to put it to the test. All my appliances are stainless steel I love the look but stainless steel collects fingerprints and toe prints (my kids like to put their bare feet on everything) like nothing else. Most cleaners are streaky and really don’t work well I used GRILLS & MORE CONCENTRATE CLEANER and it is awesome everything was sparkly and beautiful again (just remember to wipe with “grain” the natural flow of your stainless steel). I used the cleaner on my pots and pans that had gross grease and build up (let them soak) it worked incredibly well. I also used GRILLS & MORE CONCENTRATE CLEANER as a multipurpose cleaner for cabinets, counter tops etc. and of course for my George Foreman Grill. What amazed me is you can use it on your laundry as well! Yep, have a stain you need some help with it spray some GRILLS & MORE CONCENTRATE CLEANER on it agitate and wash that simple. This stuff is amazing and ECO-FRIENDLY!

Includes 32oz trigger spray bottle,
32oz concentrate, three sponges
and one funnel
Makes up to eight 32oz bottles
Works on stainless steel, chrome, aluminum and washable painted surfaces.
Lime essential oil scent
Concentrate and sponges
made in the USA
Funnel made in China
Keep it Green & Clean with Grills & More Dilutable Multi Surface Cleaner

Grills & More is a POWERFUL, FRIENDLY & EFFECTIVE water-based cleaner. Water has natural cleaning abilities. We use water to take a shower, clean dishes, and wash the dog. Grills & More has condensed natural ingredients that are activated when you add water.

Grills & More Cleaner penetrates normal soil and grime on all water compatible surfaces. The rest is easy. When you wipe, it acts like a sponge to lift and remove the grease and dirt.

Heavyweight Cleaning

Safe to use on my lean mean grilling machine • Safe to use for your all-purpose cleaning chores. As an added value, the Grills & More “foaming” sprayer uses less solution, saving you money.

Grills & More is a Universal Cleaner for use in the Kitchen, Bathroom and the Laundry Room

Multi-Tasks: Use on kitchen stainless steel sinks, stove, oven, microwave, utensils, grease splatter, dirt and stains on cabinets, Formica and Granite countertops, bathroom tile, chrome fixtures, porcelain, linoleum floors and all painted surfaces.

Apply and allow the cleaner to remain on the surface a little longer for increased effectiveness. Some cleaning conditions may take a little longer or may need some elbow grease to remove. •

Fabrics: Use on laundry, carpets, and upholstery stains, pet mistakes, natural oils, dirt, make-up, mustard, sauces, baby food, salad dressing, fruit juice, suntan lotion, wine, butter, mud and blood.

Spray, agitate area and blot with towel until soil is lifted or wash according to fabric care instructions.
Home Safe Cleaning

Grills & More is non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-caustic. Solution does not contain ammonia, bleach, Isopropyl alcohol, phosphates, butyl or toxic solvents.

Grills & More will not redden hands or cause your skin to itch; no gloves required! No dyes are used in Grills & More; no chance of staining white goods.

For your confidence, an approved Testing Laboratory completed all reports including the use of Grills & More on multiple surfaces. However, if in doubt we suggest first applying onto a small area.

Not recommended for use on waxed, polished or unfinished wood surfaces. Always read the Grills & More recommended label instructions before using product.

Buy It: You can purchase GRILLS & MORE CONCENTRATE CLEANER on the Let George Clean It site.

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Good Luck!

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