Giant Bubbles!!!

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Are you ready to make some amazing HUGE bubbles?

Here is what you will need:

2 dowels or one dowel cut in two (I actually used an old broom stick and cut it in two each side is 2 ft long)

Two eye hooks you know the ones that have the circle at the top

Rope- I used rope I already had at home, if I were to go out and buy some I would get something thinner, Like the rope you use to hang laundry would be perfect. Important- You want it to be cotton or soft nylon

I cut my pieces to these lengths top rope is 30 inches bottom rope is 86 inches

a Washer


1. Make sure you cut your dowels to your desired length

2. Attach the eye hooks- 1 hook on the end of each dowel

3. Attach the shorter rope first tie each side to each eye hook

4. Attach the longer rope. Attach one side first to one eye hook, slide the washer on and then attach the other side of the rope to the other eye hook.

5. This is optional. But I like to take a lighter to the frayed ends of the rope to stop the fraying and to give the rope a longer life.

6. That’s it enjoy! Make your own Bubble Solution I recommend any of my Amazing Bubble Recipes! Just make sure you make them a day ahead of time to make sure they work really well!

Picture 349
The great thing about this Bubble maker other than the fact that it makes HUGE bubbles is that you do not need a large bubble solution container. We used a sand bucket.
Picture 351
You can see that the kids had no trouble making huge bubbles!
Picture 388
They hardest thing for my kids is the waiting to pop the bubbles. They wanted to run and pop each bubble before they were done being made.
Picture 363
You can see the washer helps hold down the rope and keeps it from getting to tangled.
Picture 367
I told you huge amazing bubbles!
Picture 377
They were so incredible!
Picture 378
And that’s it now its your turn. Go make a giant bubble blower maybe you already have everything you need…
Picture 359
To make bubbles like this!!!

Oh and just incase you want to look up some other amazing bubble ideas check out this post where we had a Bubble Playdate and made the bubble blower like you see below and more!
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  1. Which bubble recipe did you use to make these giant bubbles? Thanks!

  2. P.S we used the 12cups water, 1 cup washing up liquid, 1 cup corn flour, 2 Tbsp baking powder recipe

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