Girl ExtraOrdinaire Review

Are you looking for some cute and girly personalized clothing? I found some clothes that are just way to cute be it for a Bridal Shower or for every day wear I am super fond of Girl ExtraOrdinaire. I received a really cute tank top with Kaia’s name on it and a beautiful hot pink tank top for me. Kaia adores her tank top and looks adorable in it. As for my tank top my sister in law saw it and stole it from me before I got to wear it. She wears the shirt all the time and has declared the pink color “her color” I will admit it looks really good on her. Although I would have loved to keep the shirt as my own, maybe I will have to buy myself a little present and get one for me too. Both shirts are true to size and fit well. They are really cute I seriously love the style and logo for Girl ExtraOrdinaire.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase Girl ExtraOrdinaire Products on the Girl ExtraOrdinaire site.

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