Glow Jars

We used glow sticks and glitter to create these awesome jars
It works best if you cut both ends of the glow stick the fluid inside comes out easier
We cut the glow sticks splattered them about in the jar added glitter and shook them about

Materials Used:
Glow sticks
mason jars
scissors (for cutting)


  1. How many glow sticks did you use per mason jar? And how long did they glow?

  2. Ashley williams says:

    Do u add water or just the glow stick fluid?

  3. Christine says:

    You have one of the best sensory sites I have come across.
    Your imagination is a wonderful gift.
    Just wanted to tell you.
    God Bless

  4. Hi there can you help please?
    -How many glow sticks did you use?
    -Were they all the same colour?
    -How did you get the liquid to stick around the jar?
    -How long did it glow for?

    I followed your instructions and mine looked nothing like yours and glowed for about 10mins. Needless to say I was abit disheartened lol

    Thank you

    • debra92691 says:

      i use between 3-5 glow sticks per jar. I use the same color or colors that go together well. Like green and yellow. or pink and orange. Or just the same color either works. just dont mix blue and orange etc. the liquid sticks to the sides because of the glitter. Pour a good amount of glitter in the jar 1-2 tbs. It glowed the whole night and had some glow left in the morning. I have heard you can put it in the freezer to make it glow for longer but havent tested this. make sure you cut both ends of the glow stick and make sure that all the liquid comes out. Just becareful it doesnt spray you down when Icam cutting I put a plastic grocery around my had the scissor and the bag while cutting. so it contains any backfire spray.

  5. Hey, curious to why you wouldn’t mix the complementary colors (your example was blue and orange)?

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