GobbeldyGoop and Shaving Cream

We decided to experiment with GobbeldyGoop again. to see our first experiment visit here. We first saw GobbledyGoop on Twins at Play. After seeing their fun Sensory play dates I knew we had to try some of this cool looking slime. We made some GobbledyGoop and it turned out to be the slimiest slime we have ever played with. We then decided to add the Silly squares and Jelly stones to it under the black light. It was a super slimey fun sensory experiment.

Twins at Play added shaving Cream to her GobbeldyGoop so I thought that could be fun and I was hoping it would cut back on some of the sliminess.

Well it worked and it didn’t I think it cut back on the sliminess a little but this was still a super slimey mixture just with some added fluff.

I think this may be our last experiment with GobbeldyGoop I never thought there would be a slime that would be to much for us but this one is. Maybe I will use it in a sensory bottle…

We had a friend over and she did not seem to mind the slime to much in fact she loved it.

That may because she does not get to play with slime or gooey things at home

But she was ready to dive into our slime tub. She even mixed our borax slime in with the GobbeldyGoop it didn’t mix well and stayed pretty separate but that just added more texture.

Let me know if you try out GobbeldyGoop I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


  1. Its awesome, right!!!! So glad you all tried this out too!!!

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