GobbledyGoop, Silly Squares and Jellystones

We first saw GobbledyGoop on Twins at Play. After seeing their fun Sensory play dates I knew we had to try some of this cool looking slime. We made some GobbledyGoop and it turned out to be the slimiest slime we have ever played with. We then decided to add the Silly squares and Jelly stones to it under the black light. It was a super slimey fun sensory experiment.

Here are the Silly Squares by themselves we made blue and yellow

A squishy yellow silly square

Silly squares are just like water beads but bigger and square shaped

We also made jelly stones which we love! Jelly stones like silly squares are just like water beads except they are a funky shape. They look kind of like left over scraps. They are just fantastic and they grow super fast.

Adding the Gobbeldygoop slime


Silly squares

This slime is so slimey! I would not reccomend using it in a classroom setting this is definitely just a few children at a time. Clean up is difficult we had to wash our hands at least twice with A LOT of soap to get clean. The slime coats your hands so it is hard to get the water through to get clean

It is a webby gooey mess but pretty awesome at the same time

Mikey loves the slime and having the jelly goodies within just made it that much better

Under the blacklight everything just had a great glow

Slimey slimne

This mixture was fantastic to play with I think wee may add to it again tomorrow!


  1. So glad that you all tried this!!! now make the same mixture and add a can of dollar store shaving cream that sat out all day in a bin…. not sure why that is the best combo but it makes some awesome fluffy slime!!


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