Good to Go! From Head To Toe! and Pretend City Annual Family Fun and Wellness Fair

Did you get my tweets yesterday? We had so much fun at the Good To Go From Head To Toe Pretend City Annual Family Fun and Wellness Fair. Don’t worry if you missed it there is still some great information and programs that can help you keep track of your childs progress, initiate educational play, and find the resources you need. I actually went to the fair because we needed to get Mikey’s hearing checked and we were trying to find a low cost place to get it done since our insurance is not covering his hearing test. Everything at the Good To Go From Head To Toe event was free and I found some amazing resources. What I liked best about the Fair is that you were able to talk to people in each program and find out more on a personal level. You can contact the people at Good To Go From Head To Toe and they will find the resources for you based specifically on your NEEDS, that means what your child needs, your economic abilities, and your location. That is huge! I know of some of the programs available to us but truly when it comes down to it I am a little lost. And now I actually do need help. Mikey has been assessed and he does need help in several areas and our insurance is not covering much at all so this program is truly a blessing to us and so many other families out there facing similar struggles.

As far as the Good To Go From Head To Toe program I am going to be reaching out to them very soon. I took home some assessments one for Kaia and one for Mikey. By filling out these simple assessments I not only get to see how my children are developing but I also get a FREE TICKET to Pretend City by mailing in the completed assessment. If you have not visited Pretend City and you live in the Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles area or even further you need to go. This is an amazing Museum that my children absolutely love and I have to admit it is pretty amazing. Everything is hands on fun and educational. It really is a little city where kids get to act out an array of jobs and tasks to help them discover the world around them.

Good To Go From Head To Toe Family Fun & Wellness Fair
Saturday, April 16, 2011

In 2009, Pretend City Children’s Museum launched its 10-year child-development initiative, Good To Go From Head To Toe, made possible by The Children and Families Commission of Orange County.

In order to clearly demonstrate the mission of Good To Go From Head To Toe and highlight the many reputable community partners associated with the initiative, Pretend City Children’s Museum will host the 2nd annual Good To Go From Head To Toe Family Fun & Wellness Fair. The fair will be open to the general public at no cost and complimentary activities will include:
Developmental, speech & language, dental, hearing, body mass index and behavioral screenings for children
Main stage entertainment provided by OC Family Magazine and music by playlist 92.7 FM
Special appearance by Anaheim Ducks Mascot, Wild Wing, and street team
Opportunity to speak directly to health care professionals
Opportunity for children to earn a free return visit to Pretend City Children’s Museum
30+ booths of fun, food and festivities

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