HABA Crash Cup Karambolage Review

We love games in this house. We even have a night of the week designated to family game night. Where the kids get turns choosing a game to play. And one of our kids favorite games specifically my older sons favorite game is Crash Cup Karambolage. It is a game that if you don;t have the “right” skill (that would be me) it becomes pretty hilarious. Its all about flicking a piece of string to get your piece to go where you want it to go. Sounds simple and it is but for whatever reason I am not the best at it. Thats fine its still so much fun to play and my whole family loves this game. My middle son at 6 adores it and is pretty good. The game does test that fine motor control while string-flicking is at the heart of the game which requires some practice to master, as you want to carefully control where the disc you are flicking goes. You also need to be thinking ahead where do you want your piece to land. Which is why the game is more of a school age game and up. This is a great game and simple to. It will keep everyone happy and entertained for some time.
You can feel the racetrack vibrating – six of the best racers are fighting for victory today: Larry Leadfoot straightens his helmet, Thea Rocket revs up the engine, Captain Karacho is raring to make tracks, and off they go! The goal of all three game variations is to use the string to flick the vehicles along the racetrack. The player who proves themselves to be the most courageous and most willing to take risks will have the best chance of landing at the top of the podium! A fast-paced, action-packed flicking game for 2-4 players, ages 6-99. A popular and classic HABA game with over 100,000 copies sold in Europe, in a brand new design!
Buy it: You can purchase HABA Crash Cup Karambolage on the HABA site.

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