HABA Luca Baby Carrier

I have always used a carrier to carry my babies. So it is only natural that before my kids even wanted to play with a stroller they have all wanted to use a baby doll carrier. Liam loves using the Luca Baby Carrier to carry his stuffed puppy. One of the great things about this carrier is that it is so versatile. It fits stuffed animals, baby dolls and even rubber snakes.., yes my kids carrier everything in baby carriers. His cousin Arielle has taken over this adorable carrier and called it her own.
She carries her sweet baby doll in this carrier wherever she goes. I love that it is soft all around and is worn like a necklace. Since kids always want to take off and put things back on this makes it super easy for those very quick and constant changes of mind that toddlers tend to have. There is a velcro patch at the top of the neckline so that it opens and closes as needed. Also it is washable which is a must for any fabric kid toy.
’s Luca Baby Carrier is the perfect accessory for little “mommies” playing house.  This cushioned carrying seat is for 15 inch HABA dolls and others of that size, made of washable polyester. Rests comfortably around the child’s neck with a simple and safe hook and loop fastener. Featuring an elastic front pouch for a secure hold. For ages 18 months- 4 years.

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Disclaimer: I received a HABA Luca Baby Carrier for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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