Fine Motor- Using Clothespins Hanging Laundry

hanging laundry
Using clothespins…you guessed it, helps with fine motor control. Its that pincher grasp using those tiny muscles to squeeze the clothespins open.
The wire rack is actually from my microwave. I have never used it in the microwave. truth is I don’t know exactly what its for in there but I do know it makes a perfect rack for drying pretend clothes. If you don’t have a rack like this not to worry I see them all the time at goodwill. I have a feeling I am not the only one who has no clue as to what to do with them in the microwave.
The clothes we used are from a “Dress the Bear for the Weather” game I made close to 15 years ago. You can cut clothes from catalogs for the kids to hang, make clothes from felt for them to hang, or make your own “Dress the Bear for the Weather” game and use those clothes. Anyway you do it the kids will enjoy this game.
Or your dryer can break like mine has and you can have the kids hang your actual laundry 🙂

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