My Kaia is a consumer…I wonder where she gets it from? With every commercial she see’s on TV she shouts out “Mom, Mom, come look at this!” or “Did you See that!” which is always followed by “Can we get that, PLEASE!” She shares in the excitement of each commercial regaling in the benefits of all these “great” products. For most I placate and give her a resounding “I see that” and “We’ll see”. Until the Stompeez commercial. Every time it came on she would jump up and down with excitement screaming with delight begging to get the adorable unicorn pair, with Mikey bouncing behind her begging for the puppy slippers. These cute slippers “with personality” not only got their attention but they got mine too. After all look at them they are adorable! Who doesn’t want super cute slippers that “come alive” as you walk? I know I do! Well we got them and they did not disappoint Kaia almost floats in her Unicorn slippers. She has had them for a few days now and she still gets excited every time she puts them on. She has named them too Misty is her Right foot and Rose is her Left foot. She actually is walking around more now just so she can watch her Unicorn open its eyes. Mikey is not so gentle with his slippers he is bouncing around like a little jumping bean yelling about how his puppy shoes arejumping too! These slippers are very durable so far and are holding up against Mikey’s bouncing and leaping for joy.

Stompeez are the comfy fun slippers that will leave your kids eager to take their shoes off at the door. They will be Stomp, Stomp, Stomping their way to fun in no time, because with each stamp of the foot, Stompeez reveals the playful Stompeez character on the face of your slippers. Stompeez are colorful. Stompeez are soft. Stompeez are fluffy. Stompeez are also built to last and provide many stomping fun nights.

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