How to get the URL of your Tweet

* Sign into your Twitter account using your user name and password.

* Click Profile- this is on the top right hand corner of your twitter page.

* Locate the Tweet you want the URL of

* Click on the time stamp link of the tweet- {example: 2 Minutes ago} ***Its tiny and below your actual tweet***

* This will open up that individual tweet.

* Copy that URL from the Address Bar at the top of the screen.

* Come back here and paste the URL in a comment


  1. Joanne Pardue says:

    I cannot THANK-YOU enough for showing me how to do this. I am sure I have been disqualified from many a contest (Unknowingly, of course) because I am not shall we say, real literate when it comes to knowing how to do things….lol. The lovely ladies at 2CC had to teach me how to cut and paste when I was having trouble. So, thank-you thank-you and I really hope that my other posts to you are correct, because Im flying blind here!
    Thank-you for your lovely giveaways!!
    I know that I sincerely appreciate it!
    Many Blessings!
    Joanne P. 🙂

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