How to Make a Healthier Easter Basket

You don’t need to fill your Easter baskets with sugary snacks, there are healthier basket alternatives. Here are just a few to get you started. Including some of the cutest Baskets! You can find these personalized  Easter Baskets as well as other super adorable options at Personal Creations.
IMG_20160322_191143060Here is my nine year old’s basket. My kids love putting on puppet shows and  so I couldn’t resist including these super cute Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets. She also loves her doll house so a HABA Little Friends Bendable Doll was a fun choice.
For yummy snacks that aren’t full of sugar we added some Maui and Sons coconut chips, and Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks.
My kids are obsessed with post-its. Seriously they can’t get enough. They use them for homework, games, notes to us, and so much more. So of course my daughter needed to have several different kinds in her basket.
And of course our Hamantashens you can find my recipe here .
IMG_20160322_191246109I love this basket we will have it in her room and use it year round. Maybe to hold books, or cute hair clips.

For my six year old boy he had a basket full of his favorite things.
How cute is this bag! I love the cape it is the cutest thing ever!
Mikey received some Post-its just like his sister, and some of those adorable Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets, and for our boy who is always on the go some PlayTape, and some tasty Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks and Hamantashens.
IMG_20160322_191426796 Look how happy he is with his basket! He was seriously bouncing up and down. This basket is going to be used all year round. He decided to keep his favorite action figures in it!
And for my beautiful little three year old a super awesome super hero basket for him too!
The cape is seriously way to cute!
IMG_20160322_191538894My little man has some awesome fun in this bag! Educational Insights Sea Squad puppets, Little Duck Organics Healthy Snacks, Hamantashens, and some super amazing HABA Shakin Eggs.

HABA Little Friends Bendable Doll it is always exciting when you find cute boy dolls and this one is no exception. This little boy doll is adorable! And a wonderful book everyone needs to check out Jumbo Minds Earth Science ABC’s book.


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