I love You More Than… Book Review

Are you looking for a book to share just how much you love someone? If you are then Grandma Light’s I Love You More Than… is the book for you. Not only do I love this book but I love the story behind it. Mike and I have been playing the I love you More Than … game for years and so we of course play it with our children now as well. Reading this story to Kaia not only makes her happy but makes me happy as well. I like that Kaia gets to hear just How Much I love her over and over again every time we read I Love You More Than… Thid book has bright illustration and a wonderful sing songy story line. It’s fun to read and its nice to share just how much you love someone with this great story.

Traveling by car during the summer with my son, Daniel, we used to play a game. The game was called “I Love You More than…”

We would think of things that we really, really liked and then we would say I love you More than that…

This book came out of our game.

Miles and miles would pass and we would grow closer and closer together. Perhaps you’d like to try this game when you travel and see what happens.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase I Love You More Than… on Grandma Light’s site.

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