“I Spy” Sensory Bag

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So for this one I used a pencil case. I have used ziploc bags before like all my other sensory bags and they work great to. Its up to you and what you have on hand.
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Materials Needed:
resealable baggies or a pencil case
clear packing tape or duct tape
Perler Beads or Polyfil (styrofoam beads)
Glitter (optional)
Different objects to find
Ribbon to attach a copy of all the items or when I use regular ziploc bags I just tape the picture of the items to be found to the back of the baggie.
1. Add perler beads or polyfil to the baggie you don’t want the baggie too full. I usually fill the baggie about 1/3 full
2. Add the items to be found (don’t forget to make a copy of them first)
3. Fold the baggies over and push out all the air before you seal it. Or if you are using a pencil bag zip it up.
4. Seal baggie with tape on the top. I like to fold over the ziploc seal part and tape that down. If you are using a pencil bag seal all sides of your pencil bag with duct tape make sure you go over the zipper. Clear packing tape does not work well on pencil bags. Skip the next two steps if using a pencil bag.
5. Place the now taped and sealed baggie upside down inside another baggie.
6. Seal this baggie on all edges with clear packing tape. Trim the edges when you are done to remove excess tape.

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