Ice and Oil- Fun Preschool Science

For this project you will need the following:
Ice cube tray
oil (any oil…I used vegetable oil, baby oil would work well too)
Food coloring or liquid water colors
Picture 005
Last year I did a project with the kids called color explosion using food coloring oil and water. I thought it would be fun to revisit it changing it just a little bit. The outcome was fantastic!

Picture 003
This project was a lot of fun it was very cool to see how the ice melted down and to watch the droplets of color at the bottom of the jar.
Picture 029
Mikey loved perdicting which color would melt next
Picture 011
We talked about why the ice water would melt and fall down and about the density of water and oil. We also talked about the density of the lamp oil which unlike the water melted up instead of down. The lamp oil part of this project was kind of complicated. I would advise against it. We loved this project and will be doing it again just without the lamp oil.
Picture 040
The beautiful colors were mesmerizing it was really a very pretty project as well as being educational
Picture 030
This was a lot of fun and we will definitely be doing this project again. It was fun, easy, and pretty cheap. Plus we already everything we needed at home.
Picture 032
I love kitchen Science!
Picture 036
Have you tried a project like this? I would love to hear about it leave a comment telling me what you did and how it went.


  1. Love the idea. I’ll have to try it with my little ones.

  2. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  3. So fun! I think I would love this more than my kid! Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Will this work with just any oil that we have in the kitchen or does it need to be lamp oil?

    • Any oil would work. I used vegetable oil. But you can use whatever you have in your kitchen. Baby oil would work well to.

  5. What mixture did you use in the ice cube trays? Is it all oil? Or a mixture of oil and water? You don’t really have instructions on here. I would love to try this though!

    • debra92691 says:

      in the container is plain vegetable oil. in the ice cube trays is frozen water with some food coloring added.


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