Ice and Salt Exploration

 We are no strangers to ice and salt experiments. In fact we have had entire playdates dedicated to experimenting with ice. We have even done this ice experiment before just a little differently.

The difference is the salt we used. Instead of using regular table salt we used this Ice Cream Salt. It is pretty cheap $2 for the whole box. The salt crystals are pretty awesome.

The kids sprinkled the salt around the ice.

We then waited around 5 minutes

And than started spreading liquid water colors all around.

The liquid watercolors started collecting in the pits and streams created by the salt.

The kids were able to make some awesome artistic creations.

I love the picture above where Kaia created a rainbow in the ice

It is just so pretty

The ice made some amazing patterns

Liam actually stayed the longest. For a little over an hour. When his big brother and sister left to go play other games. He went inside got his favorite puppy Darby put him on a seat. And then kept on playing with the eye droppers, water colors, and ice.



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